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Why did the banana need a haircut? It had split ends! : Happy National Banana Split Day

The creation of the banana split dates all the way back to 1904. This delicious treat came to fruition not in an ice cream parlor, but in a pharmacy of all places. David Evans Strickler, a pharmacist's apprentice, would experiment with new soda fountain sundaes in his free time. The banana split quickly became wildly popular with the college crowd and eventually the dessert grew into a classic sweet.

Today, people all over the country enjoy banana splits in a variety of ways. The traditional banana split recipe includes scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream in between a split banana. To top it off, chocolate syrup, crushed sweet pineapples, and strawberry sauce are added, and then it is garnished with whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and crushed nuts. While the classic recipe still remains popular, people have began personalizing their banana splits to make them their own.

In honor of today, we wanted to highlight one unique offering of our Kimble's Catering team. As part of our Specialty Sweet Endings on our menu, we offer an Ice Cream Sundae bar that comes with an assortment of toppings including syrups, sprinkles, and a variety of other tasty additions. This Ice Cream Sundae bar can be done traditionally, or it can be elevated to include banana splits. This delicious spread is sure to give the sweetest ending to any event.

To learn more about Kimble's Catering Ice Cream Sundae Bar or any of our other delicious treats, call 706.881.5591 or check us out at

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