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The History of Grilling Out on the Fourth of July

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

You may be wondering why Americans grill out or have a barbeque to celebrate Independence Day. The Fourth of July is one of the most widely known national holidays in the United States. This day is one that celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the official United States’ separation from Great Britain. Ever since this remarkable event, Americans have celebrated in a multitude of ways - one of these being gathering together and enjoying a meal.

These gatherings and celebrations have been held throughout the Summers since the 1800’s. It has been recorded that during this time the colonists would smoke large animals over a fire. Ever since, this style of cooking has been a popular way of bringing people together. Throughout the 1900’s, barbecuing was used to celebrate practically anything large or small. Eventually, barbecuing moved from the larger scale event to the smaller, more family and friends oriented event.

The long standing tradition of grilling out and barbecuing to celebrate Independence Day is now more popular than ever. It is estimated that about 84% of the American population celebrated Independence Day in 2021, and it is predicted that the amount of money spent this year on food alone will equal almost $7.7 Billion!

So whether you are celebrating with family or friends, you will certainly enjoy lots of delicious memories this July 4th.


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