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Sip, Sip, Hooray: Happy Pinot Noir Day!

Happy Pinot Noir Day! Just like its flavor, this wine has an incredibly rich history dating all the way back as far as the 1st century. Originating through the Willamette Valley of Burgandy, France; Pinot Noir has played an important role in Europe and the culture of wine today. The name Pinot Noir can actually be traced back to the wine's French roots as well. This wine got its name because of the grapes used to make it. Pinot Noir actually means "black pine cone" in French. This alludes to the dark purple color of the grapes and the pine cone shaped structure of the grape bunches.

Throughout history, Pinot Noir has become a coveted wine by a myriad of people, but especially by the Romans when they were invading France. Because of this newfound love and appreciation for the rich wine, the Romans began establishing farms and vineyards to grow and produce the wine themselves. Eventually, Pinot Noir became the wine of choice for the Catholic Church. Since then, Pinot Noir grapes have been exported to every continent on the globe. Even though this variety of grape can now be found worldwide, Pinot Noir grapes must grow in perfect conditions, so the French variant attracts the most prestige.

In honor of today, we wanted to highlight Kimble's Catering bartending services. Kimble's Catering offers comprehensive bartending services for any and every event. Our team can provide a variety of options including beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and signature drinks.

Over the Summer, the Kimble's Catering team has been providing their bartending services for Summer Sounds in the Garden at the Columbus Botanical Gardens. Throughout this concert series, our team has been able to serve quality beer and wine products, including Pinot Noir. Kimble's is excited to be serving concert-goers at one last Summer Sounds in the Garden next Thursday (8/25). We hope to see you there!

To learn more about Kimble's Catering bartending services for your next event call 706.881.5591 or check us out at

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