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Proudly Georgia Grown

Georgia Grown is an initiative established by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to help grow new agribusiness as well as ensure that established agribusinesses thrive. To do this, the Georgia Grown team brings in agricultural businesses from every step of the farm to plate process along with a large base of consumers to create a powerful, statewide community.

When an agribusiness becomes a member of Georgia Grown, they are able to add their information to a statewide searchable list of certified local producers. The advantage of being on this list is the potential increase in exposure to potential customers, suppliers and partners. The overall goal of the Georgia Grown initiative is to allow agribusinesses the opportunity to grow together and succeed.

Kimble’s is proud to be a member of Georgia Grown and to work with its members to offer Georgia Grown products in our dishes. Our Kimble’s Ole School Candy is made with creamy peanut butter and natural cornflakes. Every batch of Chewys is made from scratch in the Kimble's kitchen in LaGrange, Georgia. It is a great treat for holidays, special occasions or for a filling snack.

The Georgia Grown symbol that's depicted on the Kimble's Candy packaging is symbolic of our status as a Georgia Grown producer. Kimble's has earned this membership type because the Kimble's Chewys include non-processed agricultural products from Georgia as well as manufactured goods whose key ingredients are grown in Georgia. This status and membership is one that the Kimble's Candy team is proud to depict on all of our candy.

To learn more about Georgia Grown and to review the Kimble's membership visit:

Georgia Grown Logo

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