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Let Us Put On A Dog & Pony Show For You (Happy National Hot Dog Day)

Hot dogs are one of the most popular foods around the world and they have easily become a staple of American cuisine. When you think about hot dogs, it brings up memories of ballparks, cookouts and a myriad of fun places and exciting events. The hot dog's popularity has grown immensely since its introduction in the late 1800s.

Because of the hot dog’s popularity and wide reach, regions all over the country have developed their own styles and variations of the traditional hot dog. In honor of National Hot Dog Day, we’d like to highlight some of the hot dog styles from cities & states that have put their own unique spin on this key American vittle:

  • New York (the Coney Island)

A traditional hot dog in a bun with savory meat sauce, mustard, and chopped onions. This variation of the classic dog has actually become so famous that there are subsets of it as well. Coney Island fans will probably note that while this style of dog has become synonymous with the famous attraction, the dog’s style was actually created in Detroit, Michigan, though hunting down the true creator of the Coney Island dog quickly becomes a dive into debated history.

  • Chicago

A traditional hot dog with a poppy seed bun, a pickle spear, celery salt, tomatoes, sports peppers, chopped onions, green relish and mustard.

  • Georgia (Atlanta)

This southern treat takes a traditional hot dog and covers it with crunchy slaw and chopped Vidalia onions.

  • California (San Francisco)

While California has many styles due to its size and population, many west coast residents enjoy wrapping their hot dogs in bacon and covering it with guacamole and Monterey jack cheese. Conversely…

  • California (Los Angeles- The Dodger Dog)

Another popular dog from the Golden State is the Dodger Dog. This fan favorite of visitors to Dodgers Stadium is the highest-selling hot dog of any major baseball location outselling its closest competitor 2 to 1. This simple pleasure is created by adding mustard, chopped onions and (sometimes) relish. Dodger purists will point out that a true Dodger Dog must be 10” or it doesn’t count.

  • Texas (Houston)

This massive meaty regional flavor utilizes a meat sauce style of chili (no beans traditionally), chopped jalapenos and grated or shredded cheese. It’s a spicy customer that fits perfectly in the Lone Star state.

While these were just the few we were able to recreate today, Kimble’s offers a wide array of styles to fit your regional tastes. Give us a call at 706.881.5591 or check out our offerings at


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